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How long will it take to get my order? 

Every FLEET ILYA piece is made to order using your measurements at our London atelier. After processing your order we will pass it to our production team which makes every piece by hand. We aim to dispatch all orders within 7 working days from the point of credit clearance and address verification. We do offer priority production at an additional charge – please contact us as soon as possible to arrange. 

Please note that during holidays (like Christmas or Easter) we might take longer times for dispatch – we will contact you if there is a delay. You can read the full shipping guidancehere, which will help you to estimate waiting times depending on your location. 


Do you offer next day delivery? 

As every FLEET ILYA piece is made to order, it takes time for our production team to craft it. Unfortunately we can’t offer next day delivery –we aim to dispatch all orders within 7 working days

However,priority production is a service available at an additional price. Please contact for more information (and as soon as possible after you order) – and we will try to make sure you get your piece on time for an event, occasion or special someone. 

How do I make sure I’ve chosen the right size? 

Measuring tape! We have a thoroughsize and fit guide which will help you to measure your body for the perfect fit.When measuring it is important to not measure too tightly, the tape should be tight enough so it sits softly against the body, but not so softly that it falls away.  


How do I measure myself for a belt? 

The best way to get the right measurements for a belt is to put the measuring tape through the belt loops and take a note of the desired fit. Please remember that the belt measures in oursize guide are counted from the middle of the buckle to the middle hole. 


Can I cancel or modify my order? 

Orders may be cancelled or modified within 24hrs of order being received and no later. 


Do you offer gift cards? 

Yes! We believe that the pleasure of choosing a leather piece can be the best gift. You can order gift certificates for any amount up to 1000GBP. Our certificates are virtual, but you can also request a physical one and even a handwritten note to make your gift even more special – please to arrange. 


Which payment methods do you accept? 

We accept a wide range of payment methods: Visa, Master Card, Maestro, Amex, Union Pay, Paypal, WeChat Pay and bank transfer. 


Will I have to pay additional import duties or taxes? 

 This depends on your location. Please check our fullterms and conditions to see if this is the case.  


Can I customise the existing FLEET ILYA design? 

 We offer bespoke and customisation services at an additional price. Please contact for more information. Fittings throughout the process may be required. 


Can I personalise my piece? 

You can engrave initials onto a heart or classic padlock, or have it debossed onto a leather piece. We offer to engrave any combination of letters – it could be your initials or a message to someone special. With engraving, we offer up to 4-5 letters, with debossing more could be arranged. Explore our personalised rangehere.


Do you offer gift packaging? 

Yes! Every FLEET ILYA piece comes in a black fabric pouch and a branded appropriately sized box. We can add a handwritten note to your order to make the experience even more special – please contact us to arrange. 


What if the piece doesn’t fit me right? 

It may take some time to develop a relationship with your new leather piece. The fit and look might be different on different body types. Leather also softens with time. We would recommend trying the piece a few times – then checking it against the measurements you have provided. 

At FLEET ILYA, we value the satisfaction of our customers most – please get in touch if you have any queries about our products or designs. 


Do you offer returns and exchanges? 

 Products may not be returned nor exchanged unless there is a manufacturing fault. Under these circumstances goods may be returned within 7 days of delivery date. The return must be approved by FLEET ILYA and all returns must follow our instructions to avoid additional customs and duties charges.


What kind of leather do you use? 

All FLEET ILYA pieces are made from high quality saddlery leather. The leather is produced in the colder regions of Europe and sourced in the UK. The most frequently used leather for our designs is 3mm thick hard leather. We also use softer leather, like nappa, fora range of special designs and lining of cuffs. We use nubuck, suede and soft textured leather throughout the range. All our leather is vegetable tanned, with some colours having an additional acrylic coating 


 What does leather feel like?

 FLEET ILYA designs are as much about the sensation as they are about the look. We always pay attention to special states of mind and emotions evoked by wearing leather while constructing the pieces. Most of FLEET ILYA pieces are crafted from hard leather which is around 3mm thick – it is highly flexible and resembles leather usually used for belts. Leather evokes different sensations for different people – some admit that it makes their body feel more structured and held together, impacts their posture, makes them feel powerful, confident and self-aware. 

 You can read more about the sensations of leather inAtom, an art book produced by FLEET ILYA in collaboration with Ekaterina Bazhenova-Yamasaki. 


What kind of hardware do you use? 

All our hardware is solid brass, or nickel plated brass. This material is durable and suitable for contact with skin. If you require a different material for allergy purposes, please get in touch, and we’ll see if this could be arranged. 


How do I clean my leather pieces? 

Leather and water don’t go together, so don’t attempt to wash your harnesses or lingerie. Should your product get wet, remove any water immediately with a paper towel, and allow it to dry naturally. Using a clean damp cloth you can gently wipe the inside of your piece. If you gently feel with your finger tip there is a smoother direction of the leather, this is the direction you should use your cloth. Then pat excess moisture away with a dry smooth cloth.

What is the best way to look after my leather pieces? 

 Leather is a natural material which acquires more character with time. As leather ages it will develop a patina, as it absorbs the natural oils from handling, taking on a darkened or more lustrous appearance. If cared for properly, FLEET ILYA pieces can last for decades. We would advise to store pieces in a cool dry place, avoid objects that may scratch the leather and keep it away from water. Please be aware that bright or dark colour may transfer onto lighter fabrics and objects. If you would like to polish your product, please make sure that you only use a specialist product which you thoroughly know how to apply. 


Can I get my FLEET ILYA pieces serviced? 

 Every FLEET ILYA piece comes with a lifetime guarantee – we hope that it becomes a versatile source of joy, an investment and a life-long companion. Even though leather ages beautifully, sometimes you might want to give your pieces a bit of professional care. We are happy to give it a polish, inspect for signs of wear and tear, replace missing studs or hardware – this service is available on request. 


Are restraints and harnesses designed for aesthetic purposes or play? 

 FLEET ILYA pieces are created to be worn in a broad range of contexts. They’re perfect for those looking to elevate their style with an eye-catching accessory – but also for the lovers of bondage and members of the fetish community. Harnesses, corsets and restraint pieces, including cuffs and collars, are designed to be sturdy and durable enough for play. FLEET ILYA pieces are always as much about the sensation and feeling created through leather as much as the look.  


Are your designs divided into mens and womens? 

We believe that gender has a great potential for experimentation beyond the binary and acknowledge that leather has a long history as something meaningful for the queer communitty. FLEET ILYA designs are suitable for a wide variety of body types. Given that all the pieces are made to order, we would be happy to advise on the fit and measurements for the most optimum fit and comfort. 


Do you offer vegan options? 

Since the start of FLEET ILYA in 2003, our speciality has been leather. However, for the last few years, we have been looking into options of vegan leather which would live up to our standards of quality, durability, look and feel. This direction is currently in development. 


How sustainable are your designs? 

Sustainability and resourcefulness have always been at the core of FLEET ILYA vision. All our leather is produced in Europe, sourced in the UK and tanned using natural processes and products. We repurpose all the offcuts and try to make our production as waste-free as possible. FLEET ILYA pieces are made to last for years when cared for properly  – an ultimate expression of care and appreciation of hand-crafted objects rather than a short-lived thrill.