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Anastasia wears the Chain Bra, D-Ring Harness and Curved Suspender Harness in Gloss Red

Valentine's Day is here and it's time to show a little extra love to the people you care about. But whether you're single or taken, it's important to pamper yourself with the same kind of love and kindness that you'd shower on anyone else.

 STEP ONE - ROMANCE YOURSELF:We often forget that the most important relationship we have is the one we have with ourselves. Run a hot, steamy bath, and don't hold back on the candles. Shower yourself with affection; chances are you really need it. Who knows, it could be your most romantic Valentine's Day yet.

STEP TWO - KNOW WHAT YOU'RE WORKING WITH:How can you expect to tell a partner what you like if you don't know what feels good yourself? Sexual arousal doesn't only come from stimulating your genitals - the body is full of sensuous hot spots such as the thighs, buttocks and the small of the back. One spot you may not have explored before? Your ears. Beyond the obvious pleasures of listening to delicious sounds, stimulating the outer ear can directly activate the brain's pleasure centres. Turns out that the turn-on from ear sensation is driven by the Vagus nerve - a major component of the calming and restorative side of our nervous system. Try our Moulded Blindfold to heighten the sensation. 

STEP THREE - LEARN TO PLAY:Play is the source of a great deal of our social joy and pleasure - it helps build resilience and enhance your ability to cope with stress. This applies to your sex life as well as life out of the bedroom. Similar to finding a new hobby, finding ways to get playful in the sheets will help you discover new ways to light your fire. Why not take a look at our Restraint Collection to get inspired? 

STEP FOUR - FANTASISE: It is often said that your brain is your most powerful sex organ. (Anyone who's ever had a sex dream should understand this all too well.) You can turn up the volume on pleasurable sensations from your genitals just by using your mind. So go ahead and daydream. 

STEP FIVE - JUST GO FOR IT:Ultimately the best masturbation tip for turning yourself on is just to do it. Our bodies are wired for pleasurable sensations - and the more you activate the pleasure pathways in your brain, the more you'll strengthen them. In other words, repeated stimulation is key. Get dressed up and fall in love with yourself this Valentine's Day - you deserve it.