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Fleet Ilya Unseen : Navigating Memories Beyond Censorship

Introducing the first in the series of 'Fleet Ilya Unseen' An exploration and  of boundary pushing visual media...
Images have a unique power to transport the viewer back in time, to relive the emotions and experiences that once filled our lives. Freezing moments that may have otherwise slipped away, leaving behind a trail of nostalgia and introspection. Yet, not all images are intended for public consumption, as their essence often lies in the depth of their personal significance while also  challenging the boundaries of modern day censorship. This sentiment rings true for the images of artist and Fleet Ilya collaborator Rita Minissi.
The chemistry of genuine friendship that fuelled the creation of these images, echoes the power of shared experiences and trust through restraint. It reflects the genuine way connections can ignite creativity and bring forth moments of unguarded authenticity. The artists's recollection of the emotion that propelled the shoot being the unwavering belief of a friend and subject.
By blending the soft blurred lines of the images with the assertion of female dominance in the way that her model and friend emits through her agency and trust, we can begin to understand the profound level of safety that emanates through these snapshots. 
The vulnerability and intimacy these late-night photos capture, underscores the raw beauty that often emerges from unfiltered, spontaneous creativity. They embody the playfulness that accompanies sexuality. Through surrendering to Minissi, the leather-bound subject is empowered to venture deeper into her own sexual exploration.
Rachel Roze photographed by Rita Minissi as a series of polaroids.